The healthcare industry is about the continued improvement of patient care but it is also at a critical turning point in history. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management is top-of-mind for Healthcare providers across the country and analysts are predicting an era of unprecedented consolidation among healthcare service providers.

Healthcare providers are tasked with the unending portfolio balancing act-always seeking the right mix of patient, clinical and administrative space to meet the ever changing market requirements. Real estate executives are tasked with maintaining patient-friendly, safe, and compliant facilities and systems if they hope to remain competitive.


Healthcare organizations are dealing with:

  • Complex compliance reporting
  • Aging facilities
  • Sky-rocketing utility costs
  • Limited capital and operations budgets


IceFire Global has helped numerous companies streamline their organisation and make the best use of people, processes and technology to reduce and control costs, accelerate project planning, and improve effectiveness while at the same time stripping away unnecessary expenditures.

IceFire Global - The Mark Of Excellence

IceFire makes it easy to securely manage and protect applications, systems, devices and data to help organizations of all sizes fully deliver on the promise of technology. Our simple yet powerful software - combined with hardware and services - provide scalable, integrated solutions to drive value and accelerate results. Whether it's Windows infrastructure, the cloud and mobile computing, or networks and databases, we dramatically reduce complexity and risk to unlock the power of IT.

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