Active Directory

As the expert in Active Directory management, we have the depth of knowledge, experience, and tools to make your Active Directory secure, compliant, and available. You can count on us to help you simplify Active Directory management by making it more efficient, secure, and affordable.

We provide secure management tools for Active Directory and unique solutions for automation and provisioning, compliance and audits, security, disaster recovery, mergers and acquisitions, and directory consolidation with Unix, Linux, Mac, Java, and other business applications.


Automation and Provisioning

Automate day-to-day management, provision users, and synchronize user accounts from Active Directory across the enterprise. Securely delegate administration and permissions with "roles" and "rules."


Compliance and Audits

Inventory your infrastructure, audit changes over time, prevent unauthorized changes in real time and store and report on all change activity from a single interface.



Protect critical data, configurations, and your environment by strictly enforcing policies and eliminating unregulated access to resources. Our security solutions include two-factor authentication, user and administrative activity reports, and control over user and group access.


Disaster Recovery

Stay on top of the health of your Active Directory. Avoid downtime and detect, diagnose, and resolve issues before they become critical. Recover objects, including attributes, in minutes. We can even help you recover an entire domain or forest if there‚Äôs a catastrophic disaster.


Mergers and Acquisitions

From initial discovery and setting up GAL synchronization from day one, to merging Active Directory forests, restructuring Active Directory, and consolidating non-Windows infrastructure into Active Directory, we have the products to smooth the inevitable rough edges and tense times that accompany the melding of IT infrastructures.


Directory Consolidation

Reduce the number of directories, restructure Active Directory, reduce the number of synchronization points and bring disparate identities together under a common identity namespace including Kerberos single sign-on. Enable Unix, Linux, Mac, and Java systems to participate as full citizens in Active Directory.





IceFire Global - The Mark Of Excellence

IceFire makes it easy to securely manage and protect applications, systems, devices and data to help organizations of all sizes fully deliver on the promise of technology. Our simple yet powerful software - combined with hardware and services - provide scalable, integrated solutions to drive value and accelerate results. Whether it's Windows infrastructure, the cloud and mobile computing, or networks and databases, we dramatically reduce complexity and risk to unlock the power of IT.

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